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Procter & Gamble was founded in 1837 in Ohio, U.S. by William Procter - manufacturer of candles - and James Gamble - soap maker. Less than 40 years later, in 1875, František Otta opens his first soap factory in Rakovník in the Czech Republic – the predecessor of today's Rakona. These three masters – founders – are bound by a similar recipe for successful business: behaving with integrity and fighting competition by selling top quality products at the lowest production costs.

The fate of these two companies finally merged in 1991 when the group of Procter & Gamble bought the factory of Rakona from the National Property Fund. Although the plant has undergone extensive modernization, the symbol of cancer from the times of František Otta remains in the character P&G Rakona as a token of respect to his historical legacy. You can see another cancer on the new fountain at the entrance to the plant. In March 2011, this architectural element connecting a blue illuminated logo of P&G Rakona with running water was awarded with Rainbow Ray 2001 for best neon signs.

Technical Center established in Rakona in 2007 is responsible for the development and implementation of new technologies in manufacturing plants across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (South Africa, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and many others.)


P&G Rakona is divided into three operations. Dry Laundry operation makes not only a visual landmark of the plant. Here, there are washing powder detergents for Western, Central and Eastern Europe made and packed. You will meet here with famous brands: Ariel, Bonux, Vizir, Tide, or even less-known brands of Dash and Lenor. Another important operation is the production of liquid detergents that is further divided into the production of hand washing detergents (Jar and Fairy) and fabric softener (Lenor). In 2004, P&G Rakona has enlarged its portfolio by production of beauty care products. These are antiperspirants and deodorants of brands as Old Spice, Gillette, Secret and Camay. As 90% of the total plant production is exported, P&G Rakona is considered as one of the biggest exporters in the Czech Republic.


Manufacturing plant of P&G Rakona is one of the largest employers in the region. On top of the 630 people Rakona currently employs, the plant creates more jobs by working with regional vendors. Already at the very beginning of P&G Rakona history, there was a grant program founded to be almost exclusively used to promote the region of Rakovník.

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