Students in managerial roles

What we offer?

  • Full time for a minimum of 2 months. Here it is possible to work while attending school
  • The student deals with real issues and works on current projects with the support of experienced managers.
  • Gain actual experience and practice
  • After successfully completing your internship, you will be preferentially offered the position of technical manager upon graduation from university.
  • We offer students free accommodation throughout their internship, or financial support for commuting
  • Above-standard pay

Ideal candidate:

  • Students with at least 3 years of completed study
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Willingness to continue learning

The most valuable item in CV is work experience, which graduates normally do not have much. Internship at P&G is a great opportunity to get familiar with working environment and gain valuable practical experience from the everyday life of managers. Clearly defined objectives from day one together with the support of experienced professionals constantly drive me to complete all tasks successfully. If you really want to learn how it works in practice, do not hesitate. Internship will open your eyes!

Petr Fukal, FEL-ČVUT Praha
P&G Internship 2013

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