Job vacancies


Internship a traineeship & Process Engineer

Step 1


On our internet page you will find the list of all job vacancies, choose based on your location and your interests, then apply for the chosen positions.

After the application you will be automatically redirected to our TALEO system where do not freak out from www address change in It is our global page for on-line assessment „PEAKS“ (On-line Assessment).

In this step you have to click on “Apply Online” and register as a new user. Do not forget to unblock “pop-up” windows in your explorer. Now you will proceed step-by-step.

First step (Step 1) requires personal data and your CV input. If “pop-ups” are unblocked in your explorer you will reach the short questionnaire (10 questions) at the end of Step 1. It evaluates if you meet the basic requirements for the position.

If the system evaluates you successfully you will be automatically redirected to Step 2.

Step 2

On-line assessment

In Step 2 you can choose the language for making the Assessment. Answers for questions are not time limited and most of the candidates finishes them in 20 minutes.

Reserve enough time for the questions and focus on your answers. Work the assessment in the calm environment. If you have to completely understand the questions what are part of the assessment, it is important to work the assessment in language you are best in. There are 20 languages to choose.

Your assumptions, experiences, interests and work behavior are assesed (for this assessment it is useful to use examples from school, family, usual life). Then the test evaluates balancing of above abilities and suitability for successful career in P&G.

Question example:

When you lead a work team, you chose the people who:

  • Have diverse strengths
  • Have as much as possible technical skills
  • Can cooperate with others
  • Follow the instructions
  • Have similar way of thinking as you

Step 3

Logical thinking test and first interview

If you successfully passed the on-line assessment and your profile corresponds to ideal candidate profile for the role, you will be invited for written logical thinking test.

The test has 3 parts: numeric, logical and figural thinking.

Time limit is 65 minutes and you will answer 40 questions in total.

If you will pass the test, you will be informed by recruiting assistant on your email address or phone number and you will be invited for the Visit Day – step 4.

Step 4

Final interviews and P&G tour

If you were successful during the first interview, in Prague you will be invited for 1-2 another interviews.

In Rakona we will invite you for so called Visit Day – a day composed of 3 one-hour interviews based on 1:1 with our trained managers – your potential leaders, plant tour and a lunch with one of our young managers.

If you are not from Czech Republic recruiting assistant will plan the on line interview via phone based on the aligned times.

Step 5

Job offer

If you will be successful in the Step 4, you will receive a job offer

You do not have to pass the open competition just in a time when you are ready to start the employment or internship.

It is common to do the open competition ahead of time before finish of university studies. We recommend you to apply well in advance before potential start because our open competition process consists of more parts.


Step 1

CV sending

If you are interested in offer and description of one of our current job vacancies for technical positions in P&G Rakona in Rakovník for which we do not require university degree – apprenticeship in any field is sufficient. First step during the open competition is to deliver your CV to our HR department.

You can use the email address, or you can send your CV by post or bring personally to the plant reception.

If your CV will meet the criteria for the specific work position, we will contact you and invite you for the second part of the open competition. If your CV will not meet the criteria for any reason, you will receive the information about open competition termination as well from us.

Step 2

Next step in the open competition are logical thinking tests and personality test. You have to pass the tests personally in P&G Rakona and we will contact you about the date. Logical thinking test consists of questions checking your numeric thinking, mechanical justification and image thinking. It is limited in time. Personality test is not limited in time and usually the candidate finish the test in 30 minutes.

Before the test takes place the human resources assistant will send you the logical thinking sample test thanks what you will know the type of questions to expect.

In a few following days we will inform you about the test results and in case of success we will agree with you on the next day of meeting.

Step 3

The interview will take place a group and it will be lead by our 3 trained employees – your potential leaders. They will ask you questions about your previous job experiences, your motivation for work in the company, your ability for team work etc.

After the interview completion we will inform you about the result in a few work days again.

Step 4

After successful interview completion we will invite you for a medical check what has a purpose of confirmation you are health-capable for the work you are applying.

Step 5

If the medical check did not reveal any health issues what could disable you to be employed for the position you are applying, we will send you an offer letter with specific job offer. In case of acceptance and offer confirmation from your side we will agree on the starting date and further formalities necessary for employment contract creation with you.


First days
in the company

On the first day in P&G Rakona, each new employee completes a series of security and fire protection training sessions, and completes the writing and arranging of all formalities and documents. He also familiarizes himself with future workplaces, supervisors and sponsors.

Every new employee receives the New Employee Manual on the first day of the job, which contains a summary of important information about P&G work, a list of necessary trainings and interesting facts such as a history of the company and the Plant. This manual should help him in the first few days and weeks, and help him to orient himself better in the new environment.

In P&G Prague Head Office, HR Onboarding is being hosted in the first days, where, besides administrative matters, newcomers will also learn about P&G's history, organization, office functions, and many other practical things that will be useful in the early days - like where to go for the best lunch in Karlín 😊. The first couple of weeks are characterized by onboarding from different areas and departments, but you can be sure that right from the first day you will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge in practice - according to our motto "RESPONSIBILITY FROM THE FIRST DAY".

At P&G we take care the training and learning of each individual very seriously. In addition to the comprehensive list of trainings and practical trainings that each employee has to complete for their role, each newcomer is assigned a "sponsor", a more experienced colleague from his department who will help him in his beginnings. The sponsor is tasked with guiding the new employee through a practical training system, helping him to get started early, and it's his right hand when a newcomer solves any problem.

Already from the first days, the new employee is assigned independent and responsible work that he will perform with the help of the sponsor and other colleagues. The newcommers start working on their projects simultaneously with the onboarding.